|| Shri Kasturba Stri Vikas Gruh ||

Since 1957

Date of Establishment 02-10-1957


About Us


Whether we peep into the distant or the near past or look at the progressive present, woman is where she was, at the lower end of the social pole, always being unjustly treated and exploited.

In terms of the values of today and tomorrow, to help establish a woman's presonality and to stretch a hand to make her come out of rank injustice and degrading exploitation and help her stand firmly on her two legs in society, SHRI KASTURBA STREE VIKAS GRUH WAS FOUNDED IN 1957.



The pioneering activity undertaken by the Vikas Griha was the starting of this Mahila Ashraya Griha, the Shelter Home for women, driven out of their homes, suppressed by traditions, and victims of moral abnormalities. Any woman, abandoned by her own kith and kin and on the verge of collapse gets a welcome, soothing shelter and then, a helping hand.
After their wounds are healed, the inmates are provided with various opportunities of training to help them stand on their own. Efforts are made to resettle them in society as honourable citizens.